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We currently offer three main treatment packages to our clients: 

Natural Pregnancy Program

If you are looking for a plan to help you relax, remove stress and create a harmonious mind and body before conceiving through natural methods then this program is ideal for you. Over three sessions we will teach you the secrets of self hypnosis and positive visualisation so that you are ready to conceive naturally feeling calm and tranquil. This program takes place over 3 sessions on Skype or Facetime and costs £295. Please contact us for pricing related to clinical visits.

IVF Support Program

If you are experiencing issues with infertility then we also have a support program which can assist you before and during your IVF treatment. Over five sessions we work with you right from the first stages of preparation for IVF and throughout your treatment to keep you calm and relaxed and positive. The sessions are booked in advance to coincide with the specific dates of your IVF treatment. The cost of this 5 session program is £495. 

Removing Limiting Beliefs

If you believe that you have negative beliefs and emotions which are preventing you from becoming pregnant then we also offer Hypnotherapy to help you discover any subconscious blockages and then assist you to work through them. Initially four sessions are booked to explore the root cause of any problems. Further sessions can be booked if necessary if there are deep rooted issues which need to be resolved. The cost of the 4 sessions is £395.

Additional Support Programs

We also offer help for weight loss, smoking cessation and many additional issues which can be linked with infertility. If you need assistance with any of these issues then please give us a call for details on number of sessions and prices.

Fertility Hypnosis Online

All our fertility programs are now available via Skype or Facetime. This offers you incredible flexibility in apppointment times as we do not have to schedule you around clinic hours. It also means that if you are undergoing fertility treatment you do not have to physically travel to a location which can be extremely stressful.