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Fertility Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can be used to aid conception and restore the balance in your body and mind. It can be used to get you feeling relaxed and calm before choosing to start a family or as an aid to help with fertility issues. Infertility often leads to a cycle of negative emotions such as stress and helplessness which can be difficult to overcome without professional help. Hypnotherapy for Fertility enables you to work with a practitioner to minimise any stress and increase positive emotions so that you maximise your chances of becoming pregnant. Fertility Hypnosis also works well when used in conjunction with fertility treatments.

Online Fertility Hypnosis

Most of our sessions with our clients are now held via Skype or Facetime. Due to advances in technology one to one sessions can be held safely and effectively online. The General Hypnotherapy Register and all major therapy insurers are happy to endose online therapy. Providing you have a good broadband connection we find that online fertility hypnosis can be preferable for our clients as it means they can hold sessions in the comfort of their own home. Of course if you would still like to visit us at one of our clinics we can arrange appointments for the treatment program.

Studies for Fertility and Hypnosis

Research completed in Israel has shown that Hypnosis may double the success rate of IVF treatments. Scientists at Soroka university completed a study which showed that 28% of the women in their trial group became pregnant after regular hypnosis sessions. In the group of women who were not using hypnosis only 14% became pregnant. The study therefore concluded that hypnotherapy helped the women to be positive and relaxed which assisted their treatment.

Fertility Hypnotherapy Sessions

Fertility Hypnosis is a treatment which can be used to help remove unhelpful thoughts and emotions which can be linked to a failure to conceive. Hypnotherapy also helps you to manage stress and anxiety relating to IVF and any other fertility treatments. Our Hypnotherapy for Fertility program understands that every woman is different which is why we are able to offer a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. Just some of the services we offer are:

  • Sessions tailored to fit your personal circumstances
  • Discovering areas of unconscious resistance and helping to remove blockages to conception
  • Working with our clients to reduce their stress levels so they are feeling calmer and more relaxed
  • Visualisation exercises to bring about positive change
  • Blocking negative emotions
  • Balancing the mind and body to create harmony
  • Mental preparation for IVF and removing projections of failure
  • Dealing with unconscious fear of change (career impact, weight gain, relationship issues)
  • Assistance with lifestyle issues which may be preventing conception
  • Dealing with past Trauma or loss so that you can look towards a positive future.

All clients are always fully assessed before any Fertility Hypnosis treatment begins and a complete case history is obtained. This allows us to ensure that your sessions get to the very heart of your issues.